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About Us

We believe that nature nourishes our soul with good energies. The world needs good events, of good-humored, loving and positive people. Therefore, we must take time for ourselves, to listen to our own voice, to release the love that is in the heart and recover our balance.

We are fascinated by the world of stones and by the power of energy that they radiate to us by simple contact with our body or our universe. Making good use of them will only bring benefits to each one who knows how to enjoy, so each person will strengthen their good feelings, forming a chain of good people, good listeners and good laughs, broadening our horizons and leaving the world lighter, softer.

Uaná Gems is a Brazilian company that operates in the precious stones and jewels market. Our products excel in quality and originality and come from the best gem producing regions of Brazil.

Our aim is to provide high-quality products to valued customers like you. We are committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations! We ‘wanna’ surprise you!


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Energy of Stones

The precious stones, at all times, attracted our eyes. No wonder they are appreciated all over the world. In addition to being fascinating, their different colors and shapes make them unique, since they concentrate within themselves the energy of the universe. For thousands of years they were already used as symbols of wealth or as amulets to improve people's emotional and physical balance. Today, science itself already knows that crystals have energy levels within them and are capable of capturing and radiating these electromagnetic energies. When in contact with the human body they provide positive effects and spiritual harmony.

If you are interested in living the experience of putting stones in your way, follow our website and venture to discover the mysteries that each piece will awaken at your side!

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